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Questions and answers

  • How can you receive a policy?
    The policy can be ordered online and by sending a request to us.
    It is possible to issue both individual and group policies.

    We have special tariffs for family and group policies.

    We work only with reliable partners and ready to assist you not only with purchasing of a policy but also with resolving issues dealing with an insured event occurrence.

    Insurance companies provide online purchase services, thus all the data on the issuance and payment is stored immediately directly in their IT system.
  • What is the best way to choose a policy validity period?
    For a short-term trip, if there are no visa requirements, it is recommended to choose a period corresponding to your travel plans or tickets bought.

    If you are applying for a visa, it is highly recommended to include the planned number of days being outside the country within the requested visa validity period. For example, 15 days in the course of year or 30 days in the course of 6 months. Visa officers pay due attention to the policy validity period and less attention to the number of days you are planning to stay in the country. Certain countries have a requirement that a policy validity period starts from the day of visa documents submittal or an extended validity period (up to 15 days) following the scheduled return date. Despite the general visa regulations, it is highly recommended to specify the documents issuance requirements of a specific embassy, incl. the list of accredited insurance companies.
  • What is the correct way to calculate the insurance validity period with multiple trips?
    For example, in case of a policy with a validity period of 90 days within a year, the calculation of the number of days will start from the border crossing date, judging by the stamp in the passport. With every trip to the insurance covered territory, the stated number of days will be automatically decreased by the number of days spent in the insurance covered country.
    It should be noted that such calculation does not apply to the trips within the borders of the Russian Federation and CIS countries, where it is possible to travel with domestic passport. Hence, we work with the validity start date of the policy.
    If you are travelling much throughout the year, it is easier and cheaper to get a policy with the days limit indicated per your request.
  • What is the correct way to choose the insured amount?
    The recommended amount for travelling within the Schengen countries shall be at least €30,000.

    The amount for the countries with no visa limitations shall start with US$30,000.

    The minimum limit, recommended for the places with quite expensive medical assistance (e.g. USA), as well as during active sports and travelling to very distant countries, shall be US$50,000.
  • Is it possible to cancel the insurance policy and get back the insurance premium?
    Rules of policy issuance and termination (cancelling) differ for various insurance companies. It is possible to return part of the premium under certain conditions, prior to the start of the policy validity period, and by submitting a cancellation request. Should the policy validity commenced, the premium cannot be returned.
  • Is it necessary to have the original copy of the policy while travelling?
  • How can I find out there is a representation of the travel assistance company in the country I am traveling to?
    You can account for the 24/7 travel assistance both in Russian and English in any country covered by the insurance policy. Most of the countries with high level of tourism have a representation of the travel assistance or a partner company, who know the local specifics perfectly well and resolve any issue with the top quality and within the shortest time possible. In the locations with the low level of tourism, it is possible that any situation will be resolved remotely considering work specifics of the medical and other providers.
  • What issues travel assistance company can resolve?
    Assistance is the link between an insurance company, insureds and service providers (e.g. medical centers, transportation companies). The key task of the travel assistance company is to provide the top quality 24/7 service in case of medical or another type of application. Resolving of organizational issues: selection of clinic, doctor, hospitalization, evacuation, transportation, information support, medical consultations, support, constant monitoring of the situation, financial relations with the providers, are all within their direct competence. Professional knowledge of principles and nuances of medical treatment in a specific country, without any language barriers, allow them to find a solution to any complicated situation. There are several large and reliable travel assistance companies operating in Russia, which cooperate with the insurer, such as GVA Assistance, Mondial Assistance, Europ Assistance, international SOS and others.
  • What does expense reimbursement type depend on?
    Of course, it is highly convenient when you do not have to pay for the services from your own pocket. However, the selection of payment types depends on many factors, including, among others, specifics of the service providers’ commercial activities, availability of contractual obligations with them. In most cases, hospital care and expensive transportation services are paid directly by the insurance company. Inconsiderable expenses, for example, the cost of an appointment with a doctor, are most likely to be compensated following the submittal of medical records and original copies of the paid receipts to the insurance company. We strongly advise you to coordinate all financial issues with a travel assistance company on the service payment phase.
  • Does insurance policy cover pregnancy period?
    Rules for insurance of pregnant vary for different companies. However, usually all services related to that period are regarded as exclusions. Make sure to contact us to receive the best possible option for your case. Does insurance policy cover mountain rescue operations? If an unpleasant incident occurred in mountains during sport activities and that exactly type of sports had been specified as an additional risk, then expenses (incl. helicopter services) will be paid by the insurance company. However, the following factors that are hard to influence, should be taken into consideration: mountain rescue activities conditions, availability of a helicopter and outbound clearance, weather conditions, limited access to the search and rescue area etc.

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