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A vacation or a business trip bring positive emotions, hence, it is important to make sure that in case of any health-related issues the necessary medical treatment will be timely, precise and on the top level possible.

Sportsmen and Extreme Sports Lovers

Outdoor activities are great and a certain risk make them even more amusing. That said anyone wants to enjoy the moment, and not to go into details of search-and-rescue operations.
Evacuation, transportation and sport medicine are quite expensive...

Green Card

Green Card System is the international motor civil liability insurance system and an obligatory requirement of your travel outside Russian Federation with own vehicle. Protection of your financial interests in case of any damage to health, life or property of third parties as a result of a traffic accident…

Personal programs of the Voluntary health insurance

Healthy life style is a very important part of our lives. To live a full life also means caring for oneself and their close ones. However, consultations with doctors, diagnostics and treatment become more and more expensive. But there is always a choice between receiving gratuitous help, payment of hospital bills and conclusion of an insurance policy…

Corporate programs of the Voluntary health insurance

Health care is one of the keys to the high efficiency of business. Voluntary health insurance policy is an important incentive for employees and an obligatory part of the social package of a successful company. It is a complicated yet highly correct decision to choose the optimal insurance program with due consideration of the budget and tasks at hand…

Obligatory health insurance

The State is obliged to provide gratis medical assistance, but it is up to you, what health insurance company to choose. It is important to entrust the protection of your rights and quality control of the provided services to a reliable company…

International health insurance programs

State-of-the-art technologies let one receive the best medical assistance.
Those who reside, work in or frequently visit other countries require access to the modern therapies and diagnostics, which are effectively operating is various clinics…

Custom-Tailored Programs

All of us are exposed to risks on a daily basis.

An insurance policy is by no means some magic protection from various situations, but an instrument that helps compensate the expenses, which resulted from an accident.

Sportsmen Programs

Any sport activities, trainings and competitions are the conscious choice of active people, as well as increased injury risks. Challenging one’s body is not always favorable for their wallet …

Corporate Programs

Financial protection of the staff from disability is a considerable part of the social package and some serious financial assistance in case of unforeseen situations.
An image of caring and reliable employer in the eyes of your employees…

Personal Programs

It is highly important to take care about the financial state of the family. Every one of us wants to be comfortably off, increasing one’s capital to provide for the best level of life for themselves and their family. However, life is always full of surprises...

Investment Programs

One of the key financial goals is to accumulate funds to bring one’s ambitious goals to life. Among the most reliable investment instruments that guarantee not only preservation and building your finances, but also the compensation of the financial losses in case of death or health-related issues...

Corporate Programs

Human resources is the foundation of any successful business. Life insurance programs serve as a great long-term motivation and financial protection for employees, as well as they are a valuable element of the social package and a personal interests protection …

Private property

A house is a place of comfort, relaxation, special atmosphere, which one wants to protect from any troubles and infringements. The unpredictable expenses always cause discomfort. Hence, worries of house owners do not only concern their dwellings, but also the neighbors…

Corporate property

Real estate is an important business asset, and one needs to be fully assured of its safety. Professional property loss or damage risk assessment and its reliable financial protection from unforeseen shock losses are the keys to the property owner’s tranquility…

Cargo insurance

If you need to ship, receive or transport any cargo, an insurance policy is the most efficient and reliable way to protect it from loss, wreck or damage during the transportation. If the cargo transportation is the basis of your business, then insurance brings you not only financial protection from unforeseen circumstances, but also professional recommendations on transportation conditions and interaction with counteragents …

Engineering insurance

From the moment of launching a new construction yard to the commissioning of the finished construction there are lots of technical and economic risks of accidental loss or damage of units, equipment and materials. One shall also remember about the third-party liability and obligations stipulated by the law…

Personal vehicles

The obligations to purchase an insurance policy, stipulated by the law, do not make vehicle owners entirely happy. However, one should remember that no one guarantees any safety for their means of transportation on the road. Hence everyone shall make a choice between a minimum protection and some additional possibilities …

Corporate transport

Car fleet is an object of continuing concern for its manager. The owner is interested in decreasing risks of any serious financial expenses with operating means of transport. Any road accident might require considerable time to mitigate its consequences…

Water transport

Navigation is something highly entertaining. A captain and their crew require navigation skills, apart from the experience, need to know physics, geography and many other sciences. While crewmembers are working or have some rest, the ship-owner is bearing all the maintenance, preservation and transportation risks for their vessel…

Professional Liability

Any failures, indiscretion or negligence might happen during the course of the professional activities, despite all precautions, experience and personal competencies. Reliable protection against claims and legal actions is required in cases of damage to health and property of third parties

Other types of insurance

Financial protection is required in various complicated situations. One shall always be on guard for any unforeseen circumstances on the way to success and prosperity. Professional recommendations in risk management and assessment might be quite useful …

Insurance bidding

It is quite a task to choose the best on the insurance market and hold the comparative analysis of the proposals. Understanding the nuances and parameters of the contract require not only specific knowledge but also time. One can only rely on luck if they choose to find competent specialists on their own and then work with them …

Medical assistance service

It is sometimes quite difficult to resolve a specific health issue. In such cases assistance from specialists, who know the best doctors and the most competent clinics, is critically important. They can suggest various options to resolve the issue both in Russia and abroad, and take care of all necessary communications …

Insurance Disputes Settlement

Dishonest fulfillment of the contract conditions (refusal to pay or understatement of compensation amount during the payment under an insured event) always saddens those who pay considerable attention to the protection of their financial risks. Legal support has always been an efficient argument at disputes with an insurance company. Professional legal assistance becomes more and more precious, when the parties failed to find a compromise during the pre-trial…
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