Wise Insurance


Children often get sick when they are still very young. But when they start to go to kindergarten, school clubs and many diseases also can not be avoided. All this is not scary when you can entrust the care of the child's health good doctors of modern medical centers.

Personal vehicles

The obligations to purchase an insurance policy, stipulated by the law, do not make vehicle owners entirely happy. However, one should remember that no one guarantees any safety for their means of transportation on the road. Hence everyone shall make a choice between a minimum protection and some additional possibilities …

Corporate transport

Car fleet is an object of continuing concern for its manager. The owner is interested in decreasing risks of any serious financial expenses with operating means of transport. Any road accident might require considerable time to mitigate its consequences…

Water transport

Navigation is something highly entertaining. A captain and their crew require navigation skills, apart from the experience, need to know physics, geography and many other sciences. While crewmembers are working or have some rest, the ship-owner is bearing all the maintenance, preservation and transportation risks for their vessel…

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