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Personal programs of the Voluntary health insurance

Healthy life style is a very important part of our lives. To live a full life also means caring for oneself and their close ones. However, consultations with doctors, diagnostics and treatment become more and more expensive. But there is always a choice between receiving gratuitous help, payment of hospital bills and conclusion of an insurance policy…

Corporate programs of the Voluntary health insurance

Health care is one of the keys to the high efficiency of business. Voluntary health insurance policy is an important incentive for employees and an obligatory part of the social package of a successful company. It is a complicated yet highly correct decision to choose the optimal insurance program with due consideration of the budget and tasks at hand…

Obligatory health insurance

The State is obliged to provide gratis medical assistance, but it is up to you, what health insurance company to choose. It is important to entrust the protection of your rights and quality control of the provided services to a reliable company…

International health insurance programs

State-of-the-art technologies let one receive the best medical assistance.
Those who reside, work in or frequently visit other countries require access to the modern therapies and diagnostics, which are effectively operating is various clinics…

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