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Children often get sick when they are still very young. But when they start to go to kindergarten, school clubs and many diseases also can not be avoided. All this is not scary when you can entrust the care of the child's health good doctors of modern medical centers.


A vacation or a business trip bring positive emotions, hence, it is important to make sure that in case of any health-related issues the necessary medical treatment will be timely, precise and on the top level possible.

Sportsmen and Extreme Sports Lovers

Outdoor activities are great and a certain risk make them even more amusing. That said anyone wants to enjoy the moment, and not to go into details of search-and-rescue operations.
Evacuation, transportation and sport medicine are quite expensive...

Green Card

Green Card System is the international motor civil liability insurance system and an obligatory requirement of your travel outside Russian Federation with own vehicle. Protection of your financial interests in case of any damage to health, life or property of third parties as a result of a traffic accident…

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