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This Insurance Policy covers accidents that happen during any sport-related activities, at trainings and competitions. It suits sports events of amateur and professional level, where all the participants are obliged to have it.

A Personal Accident shall mean an accomplished sudden, unforeseen and unintended event that actually takes place under the influence of various external factors within the validity period of the Insurance Contract during any sports activities regardless of the Insured Person’s volition and resulting in death or damage to the life and health of the Insured Person.

What does Personal Accident Insurance Policy protect from?

The objects of Personal Accident Insurance can be property interests related to damage caused to the health of the citizens (Insured Persons), which do not contradict the Russian Federation legislation.

Who can be insured?

Insured Persons can be adults or children (RF citizens and foreigners, residing in the Russian Federation) 

What risks can be included in the program?

 - death as a result of a personal accident
 - disability in case of a personal accident with assignment of disability categories I, II and III
 - partial disability as a result of a personal accident

What is a personal accident?

 - trauma
 - injury of body parts and organs 

What does a program tariff depend on?

 - sports type
 - insurance amount 
 - risks chosen
 - age, health condition
 - Policy validity period and geography 

What documents are required to conclude an insurance contract?

 - passport data
 - filled-in questionnaire (or a simple insurance application)
 - additional documents (per insurer’s request)

What shall be done in case of an insured event?

 - receive required medical assistance 
 - collect all necessary documents and apply to the Insurer for the payment

Who will receive Insurance Payment? What is the amount?

The beneficiary party under the Personal Accident Insurance Policy is the Insured Person, or their legal representatives (parents, heir, and any beneficiaries, stated in the Insurance application).The Insurance Payment is the percentage from the Insured Amount, and shall be stated in the Payment Table for a specific risk.

Where can I buy the Policy?

You can leave a request here, and we will choose the optimal Insurance Program for you with due consideration of your preferences.

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