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Green Card

Green Card System is the international motor civil liability insurance system applicable for travelling outside Russian Federation (European countries, as well as Israel, Iran, Morocco, Tunis and Turkey) with own vehicle. 

The Purpose

Green Card is the protection of your financial interests in case of any damage to health, life or property of third parties as a result of a traffic accident.

 - If you caused a road collision, the affected party will receive a payment for repair of their vehicle;
 - If there are any people damaged, their treatment will be covered 

Anyone travelling abroad from RF must have Green Card Policy, and sometimes it is required to get a visa.

The cost

Tariffs are unified for all insurance companies, being set by the Russian Association of Motor Insurers (RAMI) and approved by the RF Ministry of Finance. 

As stipulated by the Law, all insurance tariffs are revised by RAMI, depending on the forecast RUR/EUR exchange rate

The cost of insurance depends on the following:
 - Vehicle category (car, truck, motorbike, specialized vehicles etc.) 
 - Insurance validity period (from 15 days to 1 year)
 - Insurance territory (“All countries supporting the Green Card System” or “Ukraine, Republic of Belarus and Republic of Moldova”).

Documentation Required to Conclude Insurance Contract

 - For individuals – passport or other ID
 - For legal entities – registration certificate
 - Motor vehicle registration document (passport, motor vehicle registration document certificate, technical passport or similar)
Green Card Insurance contract can be concluded in the selected number of companies 

How it works

In case of a traffic accident, it is required to call traffic police and show them Green Card Policy. 
Please see more details in the Driver Summary Sheet.

Claim settlement procedure using the Green Card while being outside Russian Federation

The Green Card Bureau of the country, where the traffic accident took place, carries out claim settlement to an affected party. 
A foreign party that sustained damage from a driver from the Russian Federation (A Green Card certificate holder)  files a claim to their national Green Card Bureau.

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