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Sportsmen and Extreme Sports Lovers

Practicing active or extreme sports also have a certain element of danger. Speed, drive, overcoming obstacles are always dealing with substandard risk. Surely, any sport brings pleasure, but one shall never rule out a possibility of injuring.

The love for movement, diversity, to the life itself – these are the things that differ active people from the rest. However, not everything is under the full control of the human – wave height for surfers, quality of the ice for the cliffsmen, wind speed for kiters, - these parameters depend more on the Mother Nature. Hence, when you want to set on an adventure, you shall foresee certain negative consequences.

A Travel Insurance Policy can help you with financial and organizational issues under unforeseen circumstances, when you are outside the city or the country of residence. A policy is not only one of the obligatory requirements of most of the consulates in order to get a visa, but just a plain wise necessity.

Any acute illness or an injury are regarded as the principal insured events under the Travel Insurance Policy. Should you require urgent medical aid, then the travel assistance service will help you organizing it and the insurance company will pay for these and related expenses.

The policy cost depends on the following:
- age
- coverage territory
- validity period
- insured amount
- additional risks
- tariff policy of a specific insurance company

Additional risks could be:
- active and extreme sports
- luggage loss of forfeit
- flight delay
- accident
- civil liability
- other risks

In case of an insured event, one shall:
- contact travel assistance service by the phone number, stated in the policy
- receive required help
- receive information on the next steps to reimburse expenses

The expenses are compensated by the insurance company to:
- a specific services provider (doctor, clinic, transportation company, ambulance etc.)
- insured person, who incurred expenses

The following data is required for an insurance contract:
- passport data
- travel details: period / country / activities
- other additions / wishes / requirements

You can buy a policy by leaving a request with us or by filling an form online.

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